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* 15 denier
* Girardi signature
* Ultra sheer
* 92% Polyamide
* 8% Elastane
Signature is certainly a fitting name for these stockings from Girardi. Every brand with the ambitions of Girardi needs something that acts exactly like this product. Something that's a signature, a statement and a unique thumbprint on the leg wear industry. Girardi have achieved this, with enthusiasm and noticeable care. Chantal Signature Stockings are so good, Girardi have put their name to them. An age old method of making sure you get your manufacturing right is to put your good name at stake. Well, we've tried these items ourselves and the designers have very little to worry about not living up to that good name of theirs. Chantal Signature is a trail-blazer that effortlessly works with the classics. To be worn with only the most breath-taking Little Black Dress.