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The MAGIC Bodyfashion Boob Tape allows you to lift your breasts without wearing a bra! It is the perfect bra solution for invisible styling under any backless, strapless or daring outfits while supporting your breasts. The strength of the tape makes it easy to adhere to the skin and features an adhesive silicone layer which can cover the nipples without irritating your skin. The roll of tape is 6,5cm wide and has a total length of 5 m. You can cut the tape to your desired length and use it in many different ways while creating the perfect cleavage and lift.
  • Perfect lifting solution for your breasts without wearing a bra
  • No irritation due to adhesive silicone layer
  • 6,5 cm wide and 5 m long
  • Can be cut to desired length and used in different creative ways
How to Use:
  • In order to wear the tape, first clean the skin of your breasts so that no traces of lotion or perfume remain.
  • Cut the piece you would like to use and remove the bottom part of the paper lining from the tape very carefully.
  • Adhere the tape to your breast, then slowly remove the remaining part of the paper while moving upwards.
  • Lift the breast by pulling the tape upwards and then adhere to the skin.
The Boob Tape can be worn all day long, up to 12 hours. For comfort and best results, use one piece of tape on the side of your breasts and another piece on the middle.
95% Cotton, 5% Elastane